In a recent interview with the Xen Project blog, Irby Thompson, CEO and President of Star Lab, discussed his company’s contributions to the Xen Project, an open source virtualization platform. The Xen Project’s hypervisor is utilized by over 10 million users, and is the foundation upon which Star Lab’s Crucible product, a secure embedded virtualization platform for security-critical operational environments, is built.

Star Lab is a growing industry leader in cyber security for embedded systems and has been contributing to the Xen Project Hypervisor for the past two years. In that time, Star Lab has been named as a major contributor in the four most recent Xen Project releases.

In his interview, Thompson explains he looks forward to the evolution of the traditional server virtualization into other markets such as the embedded / IoT space, where the benefits of virtualization are just beginning to be realized. His innovative team at Star Lab will continue to work to improve the current Xen architecture, making it more secure, adaptable and feature rich.