For systems with a higher likelihood of being lost during operations, Star Lab’s Titanium Security Suite offers the most robust system-hardening and security capabilities available on the market today. Designed using a threat model that assumes an adversary will gain physical and then root (admin) access to your system, the Titanium Security Suite protects the integrity and confidentiality of critical data and configuration, while protecting sensitive applications from reverse engineering.


Enforces runtime protections such as debug prevention, unauthorized reading of memory, and unauthenticated loading of code into protected applications

Authenticates protected entities, verifying that they have not been altered, and only decrypting files as needed (decryption keys are protected and stored out-of-band from attacker)

Ensures sensitive applications, data files, and configurations are cryptographically bound to particular deployment hardware, defeating any effort to copy and run applications on non-authentic or instrumented hardware

Cryptographically authenticates data and configuration files before permitting access by protected applications

Titanium reduces the likelihood of technology theft when unmanned systems are lost or intercepted during operations.


Removes kernel functionality and features useful to attackers

Limits malicious or compromised processes from loading libraries and accessing side-channel information that might aid in impacting operations

Reduces the threat of privilege escalation attacks by preventing even the root (admin) user from accessing critical configurations or installing malicious code

Controls and restricts direct access to system hardware resources, such as peripherals and storage devices

Titanium removes unnecessary OS functionality and thwarts the actions of attackers, specifically actions that attempt to disrupt or degrade unmanned operations.

Integrates with unmanned subsystems

Leverages several maintained frameworks and auditing components built into Linux allowing it to be adapted to new kernels quickly

Supports ‘stacking’ with SELinux and can be applied to Linux real-time operating systems like Redhawk

Comes with feature-rich tooling that makes configuring and deploying protections intuitive and straightforward

Titanium can be used on x86 and ARM64 platforms for embedded solutions such as mission control computers and payload management systems.


White Paper: Guidelines for Securing Combat Systems