Star Lab announced today that it has rebranded its operating systems hardening product, LURE, as the Titanium Security Suite effective immediately. Unlike weaker perimeter security solutions, Titanium Security Suite assumes an attacker has root access and still provides protection to the underlying system against a wide range of sophisticated cyber and logical attacks.

Star Lab, the #1 software protection company across the DoD, has continually increased market share through sales and licensing of its TrueBoot and Crucible Embedded Hypervisor.  Operating system hardening is still a critical requirement to a number of its customers and will likely to continue to be a revenue driver for the foreseeable future. Therefore, to better connect with its customers and to create a clearer product identity, Star Lab has embraced Titanium, much like its customers will.

Irby Thompson, Star Lab’s President and CEO, commented that “rebranding was necessary to show the strength and versatility of the underlying product to better connect with Star Lab’s core customer set as well as potential new users. A product name is important and Star Lab is confident that Titanium will be very well received across industries where Star Lab is active.”

For more information on Star Lab and the Titanium Security Suite, or to schedule an in-person meeting, customers can contact Star Lab directly at [email protected].