Welcome to the new Star Lab website.

When we launched Star Lab five years ago, our sole focus was to build embedded security products uncompromising in their ability to protect mission-critical systems, infrastructure, and equipment against nation-state attackers.

Our commitment to this goal has been unwavering. We’ve kept our heads down, concentrating on core product development and customer engagement in order to ensure that we are delivering the most advanced security and virtualization products available in the market.

Now that our products have matured, with technology in the field that is utilized and trusted by many, we are refreshing our brand to reflect a renewed vision for the next five years. In particular, we retain our steadfast commitment to the integrity and trustworthiness of our people, our products, and our services. We will continue to focus on enabling our nation to maintain operational readiness and remain resilient against sophisticated, targeted attacks. Finally, we will drive innovation in embedded system design by delivering holistic, integrated solutions that markedly increase both platform capabilities and system security.

As a result, we’ve reimagined our website to reinforce the unique approach we take to provide our customers with the highest level of integrity across the entire program lifecycle. From beginning to end, we become an integral part of your team, forging a seamless collaboration in support of your mission. Know that we are not just delivering a product – we are delivering peace of mind. And we’re with you every step of the way.

We also look forward to furthering the conversation about the future of safe and secure embedded systems across the Aerospace & Defense, Industrial, Automotive, and Medical industries. In addition to the new website, over the coming year, we will be developing and sharing our expertise in a number of key areas around safety, security, tactical virtualization, and cyber resilience.

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Cyber threats continue to evolve in sophistication and complexity with breathtaking speed, and we know that you need to stay several steps ahead of the threat. Star Lab remains deeply committed to working with you as a trusted partner, maintaining vigilance, and delivering the highest quality products and service in the industry.