Star Lab Corporation announced today its new membership in Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA) Consortium, which operates under The Open Group. The SOSA Consortium calls for a collaborative effort across the command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C4ISR) community, and enjoys an active membership across aerospace, defense, and government leadership.

Star Lab’s Crucible® hypervisor is an open and secure tactical virtualization solution built upon Xen – the industry-leading open source hypervisor project. Xen’s success helps underscore the value of open standards, and provides a mature, flexible, and secure foundation for use cases ranging from embedded devices to the largest hyperscale cloud computing environments. With a very active open source community including participation from many leading technology vendors, Xen continually benefits from third party performance testing and improvements. Star Lab’s Crucible product leverages and tailors Xen for maximum reliability, security, and real-time performance.

Commending the recent tri-service directive on modular open systems architectures (MOSA), Star Lab Founder and CEO, Irby Thompson said, “Open systems architectures allow program managers to take greater advantage of commercial computing advances while simultaneously reducing SWaP, increasing security, and lowering the costs of system maintenance and upgrades. We’re glad to be part of SOSA and appreciate the warm welcome and opportunity to participate.”

Star Lab software products protect the most mission-critical systems, infrastructure and equipment in the world. Star Lab’s products are founded on a secure-by-design engineering philosophy, leveraging design patterns that reduce attack surface, isolate critical functionality and mitigate even successful attacks. For more information on our products for security and virtualization, please contact Mike Fox at [email protected]