Star Lab Corporation announced today its membership in the Aerospace Industries Association. AIA advocates for effective federal investments; accelerated deployment of innovative technologies; policies that enhance our global competitiveness; and recruitment and retention efforts that support a capable and diverse 21st century workforce. AIA has over 340 member companies and supports 2.5 million American aerospace and defense employees.

Star Lab is joining AIA because of its outstanding reputation as an organization that ‘convenes’ industry and government leaders in an effort to advance common goals. Membership affords companies opportunities to be part of productive discussions on aerospace and defense programs. Through targeted committees, working groups, meetings, and conferences; AIA members collaborate to study critical issues and build consensus, and then share industry’s collective perspectives with policymakers in Washington.

Star Lab will be active in the AIA activities for small business as well as cyber policy and investments. Star Lab Founder and CEO, Irby Thompson said, “Industry consensus building on national issues like cybersecurity enables AIA to provide government leaders with thoughtful policy solutions on the best way to tackle challenging technical issues.”

Star Lab software products protect the most mission-critical systems, infrastructure and equipment in the world. Star Lab’s products are founded on a secure-by-design engineering philosophy, leveraging design patterns that reduce attack surface, isolate critical functionality and mitigate even successful attacks. For more information on our products for security and virtualization, please contact Mike Fox.