Star Lab, a leading provider of embedded security solutions for complex systems, announced today that it was awarded a contract to research and develop a revolutionary defensible user computer environment (UCE) for the Amazon Cloud as part of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity’s (IARPA’s) Virtuous User Environment (VirtUE) Phase I Program. Under the terms of the contract, Star Lab will leverage role-based isolation, attack surface minimization practices, operating system (OS) and application hardening techniques, real-time sensing, and maneuver / deception approaches to reduce the risk associated with cloud deployments.

According to the solicitation, due to the federal government’s impending migration to commercial cloud-based information technology infrastructures, there is a need for a more secure, capable sensor and defender in the cloud environment than the current government UCE solution. Star Lab’s VP of Research and Development Adam Fraser commented that “Star Lab is uniquely positioned to support the VirtUE program due to our extensive experience researching and developing security solutions for virtualized environments. We will also open source all the technology developed under this effort which we hope will lead to collaboration opportunities and drive innovation.”

Star Lab is a leading software security provider dedicated to researching, developing, testing, and delivering embedded security solutions for both commercial and government customers. The company tackles the hardest of the hard problems, including protection of the system even during successful root-level attacks. Star Lab prides itself on having a strong focus of technical leadership, subject matter expertise, and a pedigree of developing creative and high-quality products and capabilities.

For more information on Star Lab, or to schedule an in-person meeting, potential customers can contact Star Lab at 202-706-7027 or email [email protected].