Star Lab, the industry leader in software security for embedded systems, today announced that it will speak at the NDIA Systems Engineering Cyber Resilient & Secure Weapon System Summit being held in McLean, VA April 18th-20th. In addition, Star Lab will also be facilitating and participating in panel discussions related to weapon system cyber reliability and survivability.

According to NDIA, the goal of the event is to promote government and industry systems engineering cyber resilient & secure weapon systems knowledge exchange to harness industry capabilities to meet warfighter needs. The summit gathers a variety of industry and government experts to identify prioritized topics for collaboration, propose improvements to pilot methods, standards, processes, or techniques for cyber resilient & secure weapon systems, and test for scalability & governance infrastructure.

Irby Thompson, Star Lab’s Founder/President, commented that “The NDIA event presents a unique opportunity for Star Lab to educate the defense industry on real-world reverse-engineering and cyber attacks against their systems. In addition to educating systems engineers and stakeholders on offensive threats, Star Lab also provides software hardening products and secure embedded virtualization technologies to industry partners and potential end use customers. Star Lab looks forward to providing valuable insight into real world security concerns, and demonstrating solutions that address these critical issues.”

For more information on Star Lab, or to schedule an in-person meeting, customers can contact Star Lab at 202-706-7027 or email [email protected]