Star Lab, a leading provider of robust security solutions for embedded systems, announced today that it has been selected to present “Increasing IoT Device Integrity During and After an Attack” at the 2016 Security of Things Forum scheduled for September 22, 2016 in Cambridge, MA.

According to Irby Thompson, Star Lab’s President/CEO who will give the presentation, “Internet of things (IOT) devices provide a challenging use case for security, where physical and virtual access is essentially unlimited. Further, attackers can easily procure replacement parts, components, or new IoT devices to continue perfecting their attacks. The public availability of firmware updates, and the ease of offline analysis of IoT devices also make it easy to prepare damaging attacks that operate at scale. Given these challenges in the IoT deployment model, the focus must shift from just denying an attacker access, to limiting the damage an attacker can do once access is achieved.” 

The market research firm IDC predicts that the number of Internet-connected endpoints will almost triple: surging from 10.3 billion in 2014 to 29.5 billion by the end of this decade. The security mandate for IoT is clearly only going to get more complicated, making “real” security solutions ever more necessary. The upcoming Security of Things Forum brings together players from across industries with a stake in the future of the Internet of Things. It presents leaders in the areas of information security and privacy, developers of IoT devices and platforms, as well as investors, entrepreneurs and policy makers.

For more information on Star Lab, or to schedule an in-person meeting, customers can contact Star Lab at 202-706-7027 or email [email protected]