Star Lab, the industry leader in embedded security solutions for complex systems, today released the beta version of its Linux Unprivileged Root Environment (LURE) product.

Most traditional endpoint security solutions fail to address situations in which an attacker has hands-on physical access or gains software-based root access to the system, both of which are inevitable with these classes of devices. With traditional security approaches, once an attacker has gained administrative privileges it’s game-over and they are free to inspect the device’s behavior, find remotely-exploitable vulnerabilities, steal IP/data, modify configurations, and gain unauthorized access to the device’s resources.

Star Lab’s LURE solution enables security-conscious customers, including embedded consumer and IoT manufacturers, to provide secure software updates, enforcement and integrity verification of system configuration, operating system hardening and attack surface reduction, system resource access control, application containerization, intellectual property / data protection, and jailbreak prevention / execution of unauthorized applications.

Jonathan Kline, Star Lab’s CTO, added that “LURE takes embedded security to a new level and demonstrates that firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and other forms of perimeter security are ineffective against today’s sophisticated attackers and ever-evolving threat vectors. Unless manufacturers implement robust device-level security, they leave their systems vulnerable to root level attacks, reverse engineering, remote exploitation, and other malicious activity.”

For more information on LURE, or to schedule a demo, customers can contact Star Lab sales at 703-346-4927 or email [email protected]