Star Lab, the industry leader in embedded security solutions for complex systems, today announced the beta release of its Crucible product.

Star Lab’s Crucible product is a suite of high-assurance virtualization and operating system hardening capabilities that work together to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of embedded mission systems – especially in the face of dedicated hackers and reverse engineers. In stark contrast to most endpoint security solutions, Crucible assumes an attacker will have hands-on physical access and/or gain root- level execution control, and still ensures the at-rest and runtime security of operational configurations, critical applications, and sensitive data.

Star Lab’s Crucible makes both cyber attacks and reverse engineering substantially more difficult through software encryption, dynamic integrity-based key generation, secure boot, and runtime isolation of sensitive applications, operating systems, virtual machines, and data files.

Michael Ring, Star Lab’s VP of Sales, added that “[Crucible] currently supports a range of embedded computing environments – from system-on-a-chip (SoC) embedded ARM devices to 3U/6U/ATCA racks of high-performance Intel-based servers, and is designed for easy integration into both existing and new platforms. [Crucible] is destined to be a game changer from a technology standpoint and should further cement Star Lab as a leading provider of embedded software security solutions”.

For more information on Crucible, or to schedule a demo, customers can contact Star Lab sales at 703-346-4927 or email [email protected]