Star Lab, a leading provider of embedded security solutions for complex systems, announced today that it has opened an office in San Antonio, TX. The opening of the Texas office is the latest addition to Star Lab and continues a growth strategy whereby the company will have three focus areas; Products, Research and Development, and Security Consulting.

In addition to serving as a recruiting center and business development incubator, the San Antonio office will be the locus of Star Lab’s research and development efforts and help it expand the company’s reach into additional government organizations through solo and joint contracting opportunities.

According to San Antonio’s website “as the Home of the historic Alamo and rich Texas history, San Antonio has achieved staying power as one of the most attractive environments for business in the United States because of the wealth of opportunities throughout the area such as an educated workforce and a business friendly climate.”

Adam Fraser, Star Lab’s Vice President of Research and Development, commented that “a strong R&D program is critical to the long-term success and viability of any company. While Star Lab products are gaining traction in government and commercial markets, we must remain vigilant in researching the next generation of security solutions to enhance, and even replace, our existing offerings. Given the pro-business environment in San Antonio, and the State of Texas, I am confident that our presence will be instrumental to achieving our objectives.”

For more information on Star Lab, or to schedule an in-person meeting, customers can contact Star Lab at 202-706-7027 or email [email protected]