Star Lab, the industry leader in software security for embedded systems, will be an escar speaker at the Embedded Security in Cars (ESCAR) USA conference being held in Detroit, MI June 21-22. Star Lab will also be facilitating discussions on system cyber reliability and survivability in the automotive industry at its booth and during prearranged meetings. ESCAR is the leading automotive Cyber Security workshop and ESCAR USA will bring together industry, academia as well as government organizations.

Modern vehicles have become complex digital devices, which can contain 70+ electronic control units (ECUs), a host of both wired and wireless interfaces, actuators and dozens of sensors that produce gigabytes of data every hour. The next phase of automotive technology will blend multiple signals and add information from the cloud to help a vehicle “think” and act in a way that keeps consumers connected, making their lives easier. Therefore, automotive cyber security is becoming increasingly important. The ESCAR conference is the place for dissemination of state-of-the-practice approaches to cyber security in the automotive industry and a forum to exchange ideas for building a cyber security knowledge base in the automotive industry.

Jonathan Kline, Star Lab’s Chief Technology Officer, will present a talk entitled “Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) Security where Smack,Cynara, and AppFW Leave Off”. The talk will feature a hands-on approach to securing an AGL system, using the CES 2017 reference platform, application stack, and peripherals as an exemplar. Mr. Kline will show how to apply Smack, Cynara and AppFW to reduce the attack surface and enhance the security of the IVI platform. With existing security solutions applied, the talk will switch to attack flows, vulnerabilities that remain in the system, and suggestions for continuing to improve the overall security of an automotive software stack such as AGL.

ESCAR USA presents a unique opportunity for Star Lab to educate the Automotive industry on real-world reverse-engineering and cyber threats against their systems. In addition to educating automotive stakeholders on offensive attacks, Star Lab will also provide an overview of it’s software hardening products and secure embedded virtualization technologies to industry partners and potential end use customers. Star Lab looks forward to providing valuable insight into real world security concerns, and demonstrating solutions that address these critical issues today and for the foreseeable future.

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