Embedded Test Engineer

Embedded Test Engineer
Engineers at Star Lab are driven by a desire to protect mission-critical and safety-critical
systems. They pride themselves on being innovative and customer-focused. The work is challenging and highly technical, but it is also rewarding, enjoyable, and often leads to new learning experiences.

About the Position …
Lead efforts to design and implement an end-to-end, automated, testing infrastructure and processes to evaluate the quality / functionality of a Linux kernel and hypervisor tool suite that protects mission-critical and safety-critical systems from cyber and reverse engineering threats
Leverage knowledge of test engineering, embedded devices, operating systems, and virtualization technology to establish a robust software quality assurance capability that includes use case (end-to-end), functionality (component/unit test), static-analysis, and performance (latency and overhead) tests
Collaborate with the Front-end and customer integration teams, including coordination with their continuous integration/continuous deployment processes
Ensure efficient and streamlined version control and work flow, supporting the team in a fast-paced Agile/Scrum environment

Necessary Skills …
Ability to code automated tests with a strong preference for coding in Python and some C/C++/Rust test applications
Test engineering to include test automation, instrumentation, and failure analysis
Ability to create test plans, document test cases, and identify areas of improvement
Instantiating software-testing methodologies with hardware architectures that include embedded processing boards, rack servers, and chassis subsystems
Experience working with Xen-based virtualization as well as using and testing on Linux systems
Understanding of information security practices (cryptography, privilege separation, etc.)
Understanding of kernel memory management & scheduling algorithms
Experience with Git and familiarity with Github Flow
Familiarity with Continuous Integration tools (e.g. Jenkins, Travis CI, etwith GitLab CI
experience a plus)
Ability to review user interfaces for consistency and functionality)
Strong technical writing skills

Development @ Star Lab

We are looking for individuals who are serious about quality software engineering. We foster a
fun and creative working environment. Team members receive a great deal of autonomy and
flexibility. Individuals selected for employment can work at any of Star Lab’s three locations. Weare also open to discussing remote work locations.

Due to security requirements, US Citizenship is required.