Nobel Prize-winning physicist Neils Bohr famously said “An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field.”

A defense contractor providing a ground systems trainer was required by the government to provide anti-reverse engineering and cyber protections for the system.

Despite having never designed and engineered security for such technology, the contractor attempted to develop the solution in-house.

But when it shared the system with the government’s Validation and Verification team, the security protections were deemed insufficient relative to the requirements and associated level of protection.

Running out of time, the contractor approached Star Lab to get the system reconfigured, hoping for quick turnaround.

Star Lab has significant experience navigating the government requirements process, as well as extensive technical expertise, so it was was able to move quickly and effectively.

Star Lab turned to its Titanium Security Suite to provide the necessary security protections. This suite offers the most robust Linux system-hardening and security capabilities for operationally-deployed Linux systems.

Built with the assumption that attackers will gain root-level or administrative access, the suite is specifically designed to ensure the continued integrity and confidentiality of critical system software while also limiting an adversary’s freedom to maneuver through a compromised system or pivot to other targets.

Ultimately, Star Lab was able to dramatically reduce the time required for integrating and testing a security solution, and the contractor was able to deliver the system back to their customer on time, this time meeting the stringent technical requirements of the Validation and Verification team.