About star lab

Star Lab develops the most advanced embedded security and virtualization products on the market today.

Informed by expertise in system design, hardware architectures, attacker tactics and secure-by-design principles, we protect critical defense systems from sophisticated cyber threats.

Armed with a long, successful track record securing combat systems, we employ an emerging approach to combat system security engineering: secure tactical virtualization with integrated hardware and software protections.

Our products are designed at the outset to handle the worst-case threat scenario: a hands-on physical or root-level attacker. We prevent attackers from tampering with and altering software and firmware, and severely limit maneuverability, to ensure that your systems will remain resilient and operate normally even during an attack.

Star Lab is headquartered in Washington, D.C. with additional offices in Huntsville, Alabama; Denver, Colorado; and San Antonio, Texas.

Proven expertise

Our team is armed with decades of collective experience protecting the most important U.S. defense systems, and 100% hold U.S. Department of Defense security clearances.

Our engineers are experts in embedded development, cyber protection, anti-tamper technology, applied cryptography and artificial intelligence.

Our anti-tamper and anti-exploitation skills have been tested and perfected over a large number of successful security integration deployments.

Our advanced secure-by-design principles ensure your systems perform optimally while unequivocally protected against existing and emerging threats.

Seamless collaboration

When the stakes are high, you need a partnership grounded in trust. At Star Lab, trust is built not only on superior qualifications, but unrelenting integrity.

Driven by uncompromising principles of probity and perfection, we forge a seamless partnership with customers through communication, coordination and collaboration, enabling us to thoroughly understand the threats unique to your system.

Building on a shared vision, we become an extension of your team, providing strong, consistent, specialized support across your program’s entire lifecycle, ensuring you get the highest quality products that are on average eight to ten times more affordable than internally-developed solutions.

“At every stage in the process, we felt like the Star Lab team was as invested in a successful outcome as we were, and were unquestionably qualified to ensure that success.”

Albert L., L3 Technologies

“They helped us develop threat models that guided our security approach, the design of secure interfaces, and domains and the development of use and test cases.”

Tom H., U.S. Army Program


“Star Lab provided us with a no-cost evaluation which was one of many ways they helped us verify their product’s features, performance and quality.”

Ted V., Kratos

“The Star Lab team integrated seamlessly with ours, they were always accessible and responsive and were an extension of our team and not just a vendor.” – Todd B., Major Defense Contractor 

“Our contract had complex security requirements that had to be solved quickly, Star Lab had not only the products that fit the bill but also a great integration support approach. We look forward to working with them again.” – Chris C., U.S. Navy Program